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Batch Getaway: Sweet Potatoes Camotes Island!

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Hello sweet potatoes! I never thought I’m coming back to this island too soon. It was just last year that I’ve been to Camotes Island with my Laag buddies. Check my blog post here. Now, I came back together with my batchmates but this time, with a different itinerary.

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Byaheng Norte: San Remigio Cebu

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San Remigio in Northern Cebu was one of the provinces affected of super typhoon Yolanda in 2013. May last year, my co-IBM scholars and I decided to visit San Remigio. It was somehow one of our #batchgoals to visit everyone’s hometown after graduation. In my previous blog post, we’ve gone to Toledo, the province of Sheen, Hannah, Chinbe and Anne but before that we already have been to Cha’s province, San Remigio. Continue reading

Lantaw Native Restaurant Busay

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We always do our frequent food trips and this time, it’s in Lantaw Native Restaurant in Busay! Yep! It’s bit far place but I tell you it’s worth it!

Lantaw is just near Temple of Leah and Mountain View Nature’s Park. Food is not really expensive as those fine dining restaurants. They serve the best Filipino foods that we really love. And for me, I just can’t order one baked scallops. We have to order two!! How I love baked scallops. 🙂

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Camotes Island Tour!

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If you’re looking for the feel of the province, there’s this peace and quiet Camotes Island. After 15 years of hardwork and studying, I deserve this kind of vacation! This tour deserves to be posted in a blog and to be posted first!

Early dawn of Easter Sunday, my laag buddies namely Mengel, Andrey, Emman, Christ and I thought of this wonderful idea of going to this famous island in northern Cebu – Camotes Island. Camotes has been popular for its caves and beautiful beaches. I haven’t known about these things until I’ve gone there. Continue reading

Batch Getaway: Tingko Alcoy

Just a day of rest from my trip to Camotes Island, I went from north to south and here goes the beauty of Alcoy!

It’s almost a 4 hours of bus ride from South Bus terminal, reaching Tingko Alcoy is all worth it anyway. The road going there is full of curves and sitting at the end part of the bus makes it a really exciting ride! I ALMOST PUKE.

Together with my batchmates, we planned on having this trip to unite us all before we go on our separate ways. College has given us tough years of our lives and I think we all deserve this. Continue reading